Brabant... where we always leave the light on

We use this quote from a Guus Meeuwis song (a famous Dutch singer from the region) for visitors who check in late in the evening. It goes without saying that we always leave the light on in the B&B for any late arrivals.

People hailing from Brabant speak Dutch with an attractive lilting accent which is immediately recognisable. They are known for the warmest of welcomes and their love of life, food and drink. This can particularly be seen and experienced in the local cities of Breda (chosen as the best Dutch downtown centre of 2018), ‘s Hertogenbosch (the province’s capital and chosen as the most hospitable town of 2017) and nearby Tilburg.

You can follow in van Gogh’s footsteps or visit any of our wonderful musea in Brabant. Walking or rambling in Mid-Brabant is highly recommended.

If you are looking for recommended amusement parks then you need look no further than Efteling Theme Park and Beekse Bergen safari park, both of which are located practically around the corner in nearby Kaatsheuvel and Hilvarenbeek! We have put together a selection of package deals for you to choose from.

Something not to miss is Herberg In den Bockenreyder in Esbeek (close to Hilvarenbeek) which won the ‘Misset Horeca’ award for best Café of the Netherlands in 2017. An extraordinary spot in a nature reserve.

In order to give you an indication of distances from our B&B to different spots, towns and cities located in Brabant please see our collage below. Number of kilometers from B & B Vrijheid van Gilze to the heart of:

♥ Alphen 7 ♥ Baarle-Nassau 12  ♥ Breda 17  ♥ Den Bosch 39  ♥ Eindhoven 46  ♥ Esbeek 25  ♥ Gilze 1,2  ♥ Goirle 10  ♥ Hilvarenbeek 22  ♥ Hulten 5  ♥ Kaatsheuvel 18  ♥ Molenschot 7  ♥ Oisterwijk 25  ♥ Riel 7  ♥ Rijen 8  ♥ Tilburg 12  ♥ Ulvenhout 14

(Note also that our B&B is only 2 km from the motorway A58, exit 12. It couldn’t be easier!)

Take a look at the fabulous promo video on the Visit Brabant website and you will immediately feel at home. Cheers! Or as we say here in Brabant ‘Houdoe’!