Gils my village

Both business travellers and holiday-makers can enjoy our welcoming and friendly Brabant village. Gilze (7880 inhabitants) is one of four villages making up the borough of Gemeente Gilze en Rijen. In these rural surroundings you can savour the peace and quiet.

Come to Gilze situated in central Brabant and enjoy the local life, the cycling, walking, golf and much more. There are a variety of golf clubs in the vicinity and one of which is almost in our front yard! A small friendly club where you can even enjoy a delicious traditionally made ice-cream!

We are proud of our tap water, the best in the Netherlands, provided by Brabant Water. Our tap water is delicious to drink and even bottled for sale. Gilze also offers art and culture on a small scale exhibiting in an exhibition space (within walking distance) and a small museum (on appointment). Gilze has its own Gils dialect, a Gils Book of Records and a Gilze giant! During the public holiday of Carnival (the long weekend before Lent) our village name is changed to Dringersgat and you can watch our parade on Sunday and partake in the weekend festivities.

If you fancy a stroll in the village then visit the Mollebos (village green), the Speelbos (local playground in the woods) or Siertuin Den Overkaent (local ornamental garden). Located adjacent to this garden you will find the peaceful Water on the Warande; an attractive small lake which you can walk or jog around.

We can reserve a table for you at one of our favourite restaurants in Gilze (♥ = within walking distance). Ask us about the opening times and availability!

♥ Samen in Gilze: Modernairy setting for sandwiches or take-away, lunch and dinner; with an attractive terrace on the street-side where locals pass by offering a friendly greeting.

Irish Pub & Eetcafé The Banner: a great little place which won the public’s choice in the 2017 hospitality awards. The terrace is located at the rear of the property.

Brasserie Schutterslust: rural ambiance; delicious dishes, situated just beyond the village border, with a large shady terrace.

TIP: you can find more information pertaining to local and regional events and days out on our own Facebook page, the Toerlezjoere-website and that of our neighbouring borough Tourism Alphen-Chaam.