Any ideas? (Witte gij 't?)

Any updates or news regarding our B&B, village or region will be posted here. For both holiday-makers and business travellers.

'Witte gij 't?' (Have you any idea?) is a common slang expression in Brabant, there is even a board game of the same name. If you are staying @TheGarden you can even play it yourself along with the Gilze-Rijen version of Monopoly! A fun way to learn about our village and the local dialect and slang. Quite a challenge for a foreign guest!

2018.08.02: An 'error' on our website has led to the decision to totally renew the whole site. We are working hard to complete this a.s.a.p.

2018.08.01: Business travellers can now find the Vrijheid on LinkedIn.

2018.07.26: Record breaking temperatures of 37 degrees Celcius in Tilburg. For a short while the hottest city in Europe. A hot hot day for those of you visiting the Tilburg Fair.

2018.07.01: In addition to (sparkling) water the mini-bar @TheLoft and fridge @TheGarden are filled with wine from Vineyard Dassemus and beer from Village Brewery Pimpelmeesch, both local producers from nearby Chaam. We call that NICE AND LOCAL!