Short walks

These short walks 'Ommetjes' (4-7 km) start and finish on the edge of the village. They follow dirt tracks and paths passing renovated old agricultural and domestic buildings dotted about the agricultural landscape. These walks allow the countryside to become more accessible to the villagers and these old paths, landscape and cultural historical elements continue to be up kept. There are many of these short walks to be found in the vicinity which can be accessed and downloaded from the internet.

Short walk ‘Leemkuilen’ starts just 200 m from the Vrijheid.

Other longer walks (4-14 km) can be found near and around the surrounding villages of Alphen NB, Rijen, Dongen, Chaam, Galder en Strijbeek. Tip: cycle to the starting point of these routes for extra exercise and enjoyment.

More info: website Toerlezjoere (Eropuit).