*'You're welcome!'

Great to see that you have taken the time to visit our website. We are most grateful.

We are happy to take you on a tour of our two guest rooms @TheGarden and @TheLoft. De Vrijheid van Gilze offers luxury, comfort and a sense of peace and quiet: a B&B offering a rural welcome.

Because yes, you have arrived in Brabant. On the edge of Gilze to be precise. A place where everyone knows everyone and who greet each other with a raised hand. A true community spirit! A welcoming village and friendly locals. A rural environment with beautiful woodland, corn fields and the occasional winding dirt track.

Experience the Brabant hospitality at the Vrijheid. Whether you are on a business trip or here for recreational purposes, alone or in company: you’re always welcome in our house. Make yourself at home. We will provide you with luxury and comfort in our newly built accommodation (2016). What can be better than offering our guests a pleasant place to stay, somewhere you will look back upon with a smile? That’s our mission, the feeling we aim to create! Will you come and enjoy the ride with us?

‘You’re welcome!’

Hélène van Zon + Kees van Rooijen

Vrijheid van Gilze 

B&B for luxury, comfort, peace and quiet

    ‘Your strength is in making the guest feel at home.

    A perfect balance between offering attention and allowing the guest one’s own space.’

    (quote of a business traveller)

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